Working With WF4 — Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0

Recently, I taught a course in Microsoft .NET Framework Windows Workflow Foundation, Version 4 (WF4) and was surprised to find so much confusion surrounding the adoption of the technology. As a result, I wanted to add something to the community by way of a “quick adopt” guide. While there are a lot of supporting materials on the web and in bookstores, many are hard to follow, as they are related to the many versions as well as sub-versions of Workflow

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Organizing Your Email in Microsoft Outlook

If you have an empty email inbox, you can stop reading this post… Still here? OK, then you are probably among the millions of professionals struggling to find a way to efficiently store your emails in a logical (and reference-able) place. And if you’re like the majority of users, you’ve tried to recreate a digital version of a filing cabinet – similar to the way offices have managed their files for the last two centuries. The result? More often than

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How to Reduce (or Eliminate) Personality Conflicts in the Workplace

“People’s minds are changed through observation and not through argument.” — Will Rogers When dealing with difficult people, it’s crucial to remember that we can’t control them, or change them — the best we can do is change ourselves. That being said, the first step in reducing conflict in the workplace is to understand why most conflicts occur to begin with. Conflict begins when we focus on difference. Think about it. When you have a misunderstanding with a co-worker, friend,

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4 Ways to Make Your Website A Killer Sales Tool

You want a site that grows your business, right? Well, there are four things that you can focus on to make a BIG difference. Don’t just assume your web designer will know this stuff — designers are usually taught art and tech skills, but not the psychology of marketing. 1) Appeal to Your Buyer’s Emotions People make buying decisions based on feelings. Think about it… you do all the time. Hiring a lawyer? You want someone that your perceive as strong, smart,

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7 Ways to Make Your Emails More Professional

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. – Mark Twain According to the Radicati Group, 2.8 million emails are sent every second. As we rely more and more on technology to mediate our communication, the likelihood of misunderstanding and conflict via email increases dramatically. Email Content and Message Electronic communication can be broken down into two parts, the content and the message. The content consists of the

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