Learn iT! Adds Global Organization Development Guru as VP of Professional Development

SAN FRANCISCO, March 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Corporate training company, Learn iT!, announced today that organizational development strategist, Rich Elderkin, has joined the company as Vice President of Professional Development. Elderkin comes to Learn iT! with over 20 years of developing and integrating change management and leadership development practices for Fortune 200 companies internationally. Having worked as the Director of Learning and Development (L&D) for Abbott Diagnostics, Chiron, Qiagen and most recently, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Elderkin brings his L&D Talent Acquisition expertise to grow

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4 Steps to Keep Calm and Address Frustrations with Coworkers

There’s something disheartening about working with people you don’t enjoy on a daily basis. How many coworkers did you handpick? Working with others can be difficult, especially if your personalities clash or you aren’t familiar with their work style.   Imagine this: You have been working at a job for several months. You accidently overhear a co-worker who is friendly towards you making negative comments about you to others. Later, the same co-worker makes it a point to pass by

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Crush Work Chaos by Making Small Changes

By Angella Bernal Does your work life feel out of control? When you get to work, are you hit with feelings of uncertainty, stress and/or anxiety, hindering any proactive or innovative energy you may have felt transitioning into the New Year? It’s daunting enough to make a New Year’s resolution like pledging to be healthier, when chaos at work seems to drain you before you have a chance to get to the gym. (92% of Americans fail to keep New

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Free Learn iT! Webinar – “Control your Day: Shift from Reactive to Proactive” – 2/9/15

Learn iT! is offering a new webinar from Professional Development pro Angella Bernal. In this 45-minute free webinar, we will identify one of the barriers to prioritization and two ways to overcome the reactive approach to work. Join us to get closer to your ideal day! “Control your Day: Shift from Reactive to Proactive” Monday, February 9, 2015 12:00 PM PST – 12:45 PM PST > Register for Free <    

How to Motivate Your Team in Two Easy Steps

One of the most challenging issues for supervisors and managers is how to motivate their team.  The challenge isn’t due to the lack of options. A quick Google search of “motivational techniques” reveals over 15 million results. Most supervisors have, in fact, tried the “usual” techniques: cash incentives, employee recognition, inspirational posters, casual Friday’s – even coercion and threats, when all else fails. I once had a manager give me warm can of Mountain Dew at a team meeting for

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