Six Simple Steps to Remember Your Customers Name Every Time!

Your customer’s name is their favorite word and their favorite sound.  Use this simple formula to remember their name — every time.

Step 1:  Prepare to hear the name upon introductions. Often we are thinking about something else when introductions are made. Get in the habit of focusing your attention on the customer during the introduction phase.

Step 2:  If you miss it, or are unsure, ask your customer to repeat it. If it makes sense to, write the name down.

Step 3:  Spell their name back to them.

Step 4: Repeat the name in your next comment to your customer.

Step 5:  Use the name occasionally in the conversation. It will hook their attention when used in the beginning of the sentence.

Step 6:  Thank your customer and use the name again as you close the conversation.

Bonus Tip: Remembering names is all about attitude. “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!” — Henry Ford


Jennifer Albrecht is the Director of Professional Development and Senior Facilitator with Learn iT. She helps individuals, teams and organizations develop leadership capacity, improve business practices, strengthen relationships and enhance performance to achieve bottom-line results. For more Customer Service and Communication tips, “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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