Jennifer Albrecht — Values Personified!


Accountability, Commitment to Innovation, The Golden Rule, Teamwork and Purposeful Action are our Core Values here at Learn iT! These standards provide the foundation for our efforts, and serve as a compass for our corporate activities.

We congratulate this month’s Learn iT! Star, Jennifer Albrecht, who was not only instrumental in helping us identify these core values – but also personifies them on a daily basis.

Jen Albrecht is truly an amazing person. Words can’t describe how fortunate I am to have her on the Learn iT! Team. She has revolutionized our Professional Development department and has taken us to another level with her recent Executive Coaching efforts.

– Damon Lembi, CEO

“Jennifer Albrecht is without doubt one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met. Both professionally and personally, she is a mentor, an encouraging colleague , and a valuable resource with a wide breadth of expertise. She has the ability to make those around her excel by supporting and motivating growth and development. It’s clear why she’s among the most requested instructors at Learn iT! and why she’s considered an empowering inspiration by the women — and men — in her life.”

– Courtney Durso, Senior Account Manager

“Jen’s an incredible instructor, mentor and coach. Her diligent efforts behind the scenes make her classes flow as seamless as a cooking show. Her students adore her, and she remains the standard by which all professional development training is measured.”

– Jason Hecker, Director of Special Projects

“Jennifer has an ability to bring out the best in people. Clients, customers and co-workers enjoy working with her in any capacity. She provides superior leadership to the Professional Development Team thorough guidance and support of the instructors. I admire Jennifer for her poise and confidence as a facilitator and director.

– Angella Bernal, Professional Development Trainer


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