Cloud Implementation is a One-Two Punch

Did you know that Creed, the latest release from the “Rocky Balboa” franchise offers a lesson about cloud implementation to  IT and development departments?  Stay with me.   Rocky (Silvester Stallone) writes a workout plan for his pupil Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan). Adonis pulls out his cellphone and snaps a picture of it and hands the paper back to Rocky. “Aren’t you going to keep it?” Rocky asks. “I took a picture of it” replies Adonis. “What if you break or lose your cellphone?” Rocky asks again. “It

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Technology and the Decline in Communication

Our power went out this weekend, just as I was watching Netflix on my iPad, texting my neighbor, shopping for the holidays on my laptop and getting ready to put a load of laundry in the dryer.  Out of nowhere, it wasn’t even raining that hard, my multitasking, connected afternoon went instantly dark and quiet.  We have candles, we have battery operated radios and lanterns, cabinets full of food, I would be fine.  Nature had invited me to stop for

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Save the Date – Technology Adoption Summit

You’re invited to join us on Tuesday, December 8 for a full-day of seminar-style sessions where our best and brightest will showcase what’s new and upcoming. Topics will range from Windows 10, Office 365, SharePoint, Google Apps, along with sessions to drive strategic agility and initiate change as you choose to upgrade to these technologies. Come for one free session, or stay for all. This Summit is set up in an Open House Style. Join us at any point during this

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Microsoft 2016, Time to check your Exchange Server

As the release of Microsoft Office 2016 nears, we arrive at what has become a triennial tradition. Of course, I am talking about checking your Exchange Server to ensure you are compatible for the next milestone rollout of Outlook. Microsoft has put out a courtesy reminder encouraging IT Administrators to verify that Exchange Servers meet the minimum criteria to support Outlook 2016 before green lighting the rollout. While Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office staples will continue to function as

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3 Reasons Why Windows 10 is the Future

1. No More Banner Releases It’s been said many times, from tech blogs to Microsoft’s own development executives, that Windows 10 will be the last distinct version of Windows to hit store shelves. Microsoft is making a concerted effort to transition from larger more pronounced software releases in favor of a more iterative “leaky sink” strategy. This new release standard will allow newer software features and security patches to trickle out when they’re consumer ready rather than waiting for new banner

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