Ben Bomberry — The Ultimate Team Player

This month we are acknowledging Ben Bomberry for all of his hard work, and thank him for his dedication to Learn iT! Being the face of the organization for our Santa Clara office, he is dedicated and dependable. When someone calls, he’s usually the friendly voice they hear, as he’s quick to respond to any task before him. He’s knowledgeable on the services Learn iT! provides, so many employees reach out to him when they need some help. Having reliable members of the Learn iT! family like Ben helps us continue to run smoothly. Thanks, Ben, for taking initiative and responsibility, making Learn iT! a stronger company!

Big Ben


“Ben runs Santa Clara like a boss. He has NEVER called in sick, which is a huge deal since he is the only employee in the South Bay. Classes would get ruined for certain people if he called in sick as often as everyone else does. He does whatever I ask of him without complaining and most of the tasks he does without asking after you have explained it to him. I am grateful to have such a consistently hard working employee on my team. I don’t know what we would do if we didn’t have him down there.”

-Joe Fitzpatrick, Operations Manager


 “Done and done – that is how Ben rolls.  Every time I ask Ben to get something handled Ben sends back a quick done and done reply.  This is a great comfort because I know Ben gets the work handled quickly and professionally.  Appreciate Ben’s positive attitude and creativeness to get things done.  You would be hard pressed to find a better team player than Ben.”

-Matt Murawski, VP of Sales


 “ Always on-board and always complete.  Ben never denies an opportunity to take on new responsibilities and take complete ownership of them.  He handles everything from student requests to internal company projects with the utmost objectivity and professionalism and never leaves a job or task incomplete.  When a task or responsibility is given to Ben, Learn iT! Management understands that they have left it in the hands of someone that will get the job done right with zero micro-management and zero second guessing.  As such, Bona fide Ben is an extremely valuable member of the Learn iT! family.”

-Sean Corcran, IT Manager



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