Microsoft SQL 2016 New Features

Microsoft SQL 2016 is just around the corner—or rather, it is in a landing pattern, since many of its new features were born in the cloud and are now making their way to companies’ on-premises data centers and networks around the world. Row Level Security is one of the new features in SQL 2016 that has been working in Azure for a few months already. It implements a long-awaited security functionality by filtering out data that a particular user or

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Row Level Security in Azure SQL Databases

A new feature coming with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is already available in Azure SQL Database: row level permission. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard this question in the classroom: “How can I prevent people from seeing certain rows in a table?” This is a capability that has been requested by SQL database administrators for many years. Today, DBAs and developers must create code if they want to check for permissions and control a user’s row level access.

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Cloud Implementation is a One-Two Punch

Did you know that Creed, the latest release from the “Rocky Balboa” franchise offers a lesson about cloud implementation to  IT and development departments?  Stay with me.   Rocky (Silvester Stallone) writes a workout plan for his pupil Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan). Adonis pulls out his cellphone and snaps a picture of it and hands the paper back to Rocky. “Aren’t you going to keep it?” Rocky asks. “I took a picture of it” replies Adonis. “What if you break or lose your cellphone?” Rocky asks again. “It

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