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Six Ways to Build Culture and Leadership at Your Organization

Two common themes that emerge from conversation centered around growth, startups, scale, and business success are culture and leadership. In our panel discussion on Cultivating Thriving Leadership, common themes from everyone centered around the importance of cultivating a thriving culture and developing leaders, while also considering business implications. Here are three key insights on culture and three key insights on leadership from our panel of speakers:
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Infographic | How Organizations Are Using O365 in 2017

We surveyed over 1,000 people about the way they use Office 365. Check out this infographic on how others are using Microsoft tools to enhance productivity. There’s still time to contribute and automatically be entered to win $100 Amazon gift card! Take the survey. Winner will be announced during our O365 Free Web Event in December. Details coming soon! Planning a rollout for your organization? Learn iT! provides in depth courses to get your team equipped with the skills to succeed. Check out

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Exercise: Enhance Communication on Your Team

Know what your communication preferences are. Request this quick Assessment to increase your self-awareness and learn about your peers and colleagues’ communication preferences. PLAN A LEARNING EVENT (1 hour): Organize a Lunch & Learn. Invite your team/colleagues to complete the assessment prior to the Lunch & Learn. Ask them to write down their dominant style on a note card of corresponding color to their style (blue, red, yellow, green). Also ask them to bring their scores to the session. Foster

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How are you using Office 365?

Microsoft’s Office 365 has undergone various updates since first launching in 2011. What started as a simple vehicle for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint web apps has evolved into an incredible stable of web-based productivity tools for everyday use.    Here at Learn iT! we are constantly seeking feedback on how our customers are using applications to enhance productivity. This helps us to build programs and services that are more relevant and useful to everyone. Help us by providing your feedback around Office 365 by

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Microsoft Teams | The Solution to your Flooded Inbox

Communication is Key Microsoft Teams is the latest offering for Office 365 subscribers, and it just might be the biggest. Bringing together the best of today’s modern workplace chat applications with dedicated spaces for teams and projects, one on one chats, and even smart bots; There’s little doubt that Teams is a welcome effort to unify all the different ways we communicate. Check out some of the most eye-catching features below: All for One Thanks to integration with Outlook and

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