Gmail Top Features

Learn Gmail’s Top Features,  these tips tricks will be sure to save you time,and increase productivity.  Some of the features discussed in this weeks training session video include: Undo Send Manage Labels  Priority Inbox Hot Keys and more! Please subscribe to our Youtube channel to get the latest in online training videos that include, Microsoft, Adobe, the latest in Business and End-User Apps and more!

Best Keyboard Shortcut Alternative. No Memory Required.

If you want to switch it up a bit in 2014 by using less mouse clicks and more keyboard shortcuts, I have a great trick for you. Keyboard shortcuts are fast but speed is not everyone’s main objective, so for many of us memorizing keyboard shortcuts is not a priority. On the other end of the spectrum, there are keyboard shortcut wizards, with their fingers flying across the keyboard performing tasks at the speed of light.  [Alt]-ernative to memorizing shortcuts

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Why Cell Phone Conversations are Never Crystal Clear

I’m often asked, “How can I eliminate noise in telecommunications transmissions?” I usually reply that a better question is, “Can we ever completely eliminate noise in telecommunications transmissions?” And the answer, in a word is – no. Background noise is always present in all telecommunications transmissions – including point-to-point or point-to-multipoint transmission mediums. These can be either wired, optical fiber or wireless. Most of the time noise exists at minimal levels and doesn’t cause problems. That said, our cell phones

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Excel Custom Time Formatting

excel formatting how to

How-To In order to create a custom number format, you’ll need to access the Format Cells window. Once there, choose the “Custom” option from the left hand side. Under the word “Type” you’ll be typing in your custom number format. How to Type the Format Customizing time works a lot like customizing dates. However Excel rolls over the clock after 23 hours, so we’ll need to circumvent that. Let’s start with the basic characters. Formatting Characters Hours, Minutes, Seconds Put

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