SharePoint: Make Your Data More Accessible Than Ever With PowerApps

With the vast majority (over 85%) of Fortune 500 companies tapping into SharePoint, the value of using SharePoint has never been greater. Whether your team is ready or not, organizations implementing the collaboration platform are moving full steam ahead. In the last year alone, usage of SharePoint has grown by 90% and by more than 10 million new sites.
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Accessing and Organizing Data in SharePoint

Mismanagement of data can affect your productivity – which can inevitably affect your organization’s bottom line. With SharePoint, you can access and organize your data and workflow in a way that is both logical and efficient. You’ll do this by using Content Types and Lookup Columns. Understanding Content Types Content Types are any piece of data or metadata that you want to store, display, list, search, query, or set access rights to. They can consist of anything – a word

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Ensuring SharePoint Governance Success

What good is having a SharePoint site if the end users don’t know how to utilize it correctly?  SharePoint is deceptive. The fact that virtually anyone can use it right out of the box is a key point that drives its popularity. And since it is so easy for users at all levels to make relevant changes to site features, content, documents, and infrastructure, it’s just as easy to make errors when doing so unless you have Governance. Governance refers

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