Microsoft Teams | The Solution to your Flooded Inbox

Communication is Key Microsoft Teams is the latest offering for Office 365 subscribers, and it just might be the biggest. Bringing together the best of today’s modern workplace chat applications with dedicated spaces for teams and projects, one on one chats, and even smart bots; There’s little doubt that Teams is a welcome effort to unify all the different ways we communicate. Check out some of the most eye-catching features below: All for One Thanks to integration with Outlook and

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3 Reasons Why Microsoft Office 365 is Better Than Google Apps

Almost every morning in San Francisco, someone wakes up in a cloud. Now that might be because it’s usually pretty foggy here in the Bay Area. Or it might have something to do with the fact that Google has spent years developing the cloud – i.e. the infrastructure for the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product. While Microsoft had always had the best personal productivity tools due to the richness of their Office suite, when it

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