Six Simple Steps to Remember Your Customers Name Every Time!

Your customer’s name is their favorite word and their favorite sound.  Use this simple formula to remember their name — every time. Step 1:  Prepare to hear the name upon introductions. Often we are thinking about something else when introductions are made. Get in the habit of focusing your attention on the customer during the introduction phase. Step 2:  If you miss it, or are unsure, ask your customer to repeat it. If it makes sense to, write the name down. Step

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Why Customers Leave…and Three Secrets to Get Them to Stay!

According to an American Society of Quality survey (2000): 9% of customers leave because of competitors 10% of customers leave for other reasons (move, death, etc.) 14% of customers leave because of dissatisfaction with the product 67% of customers leave because of an attitude of indifference on the part of a company employee Three Ways to Get Them to Stay The key to customer retention is to empower your employees to give your customers something they value each and every

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