Jim Mollé – Instructor Extraordinaire!

On the anniversary of his 14th year at Learn iT!, we are proud to announce Jim Mollé as our featured employee.

Jim has been a consistent and amazing instructor throughout the years – he’s been our Instructor of the Year three times, in fact. And yet, his numerous accomplishments expand well beyond instructing.

  • Earned his Microsoft Office Master Instructor Certification in 1997,
  • Built all of our Microsoft Office Course outlines,
  • Mentored over 30 Learn iT! instructors,
  • Recorded all of Learn iT!’s Microsoft Office Learn iT! Anytime videos

All of that –yet perhaps his greatest accomplishment was converting Learn iT!’s paper courseware to digital. Jim’s revolutionary idea in June of 2000 was so forward thinking that it is now the norm for most training companies — and think about all the trees he saved!

In short, Jim is a true Learn iT! Hall of Famer.

“Jim Mollé is like family to me, I couldn’t imagine Learn iT! without him”

Damon Lembi, CEO Learn iT!

“Jim is the team member that makes things happen; he knows how to read the audience, cater courses to their needs, clients ask me time and time again to please have Jim Molle come back and teach our classes. Not only is Jim wonderful in the classroom he is an amazing Project Manager for Microsoft Office Migrations. Over so many years I have had the pleasure to work with Jim, and he always delivers A+ results!!”

Dalit Lewis, Senior Account Executive, Learn iT!

“Learn iT! is my “go to” partner for Microsoft Office training. All the instructors at Learn iT! are outstanding, Jim Mollé in particular is a step above the rest.”

Stu Shader, Business Productivity Specialist, Microsoft

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