Importing Data with Excel 2016

Excel 2016 Makes Importing Data from the Web Easier Than Ever

Importing data from the web just got a massive makeover in Excel 2016. Why is this significant? For those of us that rely heavily on real time information to do our jobs, the latest data is essential. The problem is that usually requires actually opening up a web browser and retrieving that data. Which means ensuring appropriate formatting, copying only the data you need, and don’t even get me started on trying to build formulas on top of that data because that means pasting the new data back into the exact right place every single time. With Excel 2016’s new Web Query import feature, we can easily summon data from all over the web and import exactly what we need, exactly where we need it.
how to import excel data
To use this tool, you’re going to need to navigate to the Data tab and find the New Query tool. Inside the New Query tool, find the “Other Queries” slide out and select “From Web”.
importing data excel
Next you’re going to need to paste the link for the site that contains your desired data (it’s important to note that this feature works best with table based data, though it’s not required.

Once the query has had time to process the site, you’ll be provided with a list of query-ready resources. Simply cycle through the list in the Navigator View until you find the data you’re looking for. Once found, select it (you’ll see a preview of the data in the right panel) and click “Load”.

And there you have it! A table containing live data from the web. From here you can build formulas or references based on the data. And when it comes time for you to update? Simply navigate to the Query Tools tab and click Refresh to retrieve all new data! No mess and more importantly, once it’s set up, it’s good for as long as the resource you’re importing from remains active.

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