Five Websites for Procrastinators

Reading The New York Times over the shoulder of someone at the coffee shop spurred 45 minutes of brainstorming about procrastination. I looked up the full article, For Entrepreneurs, It’s All About Time, which resulted in a good amount of time spent web searching and skimming. It’s not procrastination, although it feels that way.

Back to The New York Times: In this article a quote stood out, “Procrastinators are made, not born.” I AGREE. Especially after four days of teaching the Time Management Webinar, Don’t Procrastinate: Take Charge of Your Time.

You might think that the last thing a procrastinator needs is to go online. Social websites, email, and Web deals distract from work. Here are five websites that can help to diminish procrastination.

Procrastinator #1: I Get Distracted

Visit Merlin Mann’s website 43 Folders. He starts with two simple questions to inspire you to get working. Make this your home page so it’s the first site you visit.

Procrastinator #2: I Forget What I Have to Do

Remember the Milk is a list-making tool that helps organize reoccurring tasks that I want to keep in the front of my mind. As the name implies, you can also make a list for the grocery store. I have the phone application and check it daily. It’s handy when I think of something and don’t have a place to write it down. I open Remember the Milk, set a due date, and move on.

Procrastinator #3: I Can’t Focus or I Like to Multi-Task

Being a multi-tasker actually decreases efficiency by 60%. A timer might help keep you focused on one thing at a time, so go to Online-Stopwatch and find one that works for you. Try concentrating on one thing for 10 minutes, then reward yourself with a one-minute break.

Procrastinator #4: I Can’t Find My Stuff

When a Web page, television show or conversation piques my interest, I copy the link, take a picture, or make a note in Evernote. When I want to refer to it later, I open the Evernote application and search by keyword. It’s also a great virtual notebook. It keeps everything in one place and I never have to spend time “finding it” again.

Procrastinator #5: I Have So Much to Do or Manage

WorkFlowy is an online outlining tool that is straightforward and easy to use. You can list items, both large and small. I stole this from a co-worker’s blog and now I’m hooked.

Procrastination comes in all shapes and sizes. Take our Time Management Webinar, Don’t Procrastinate: Take Charge of Your Time to find other ways to tackling time wasting woes.


Angella Bernal is an outstanding Professional Development trainer and an invaluable part of the Learn iT! team. She values learning and in her spare time is learning to homebrew.

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