What to Expect From the Next Generation of Smart Phones

Are you ready for the next generation of smart phones? Exciting new display technologies are changing the way we view and use our phones. Here’s some enhancements we can expect in the near future: Curved Displays Our computer monitors, televisions, and portable devices have used flat display screens for many years. Why would we go back to the physics we first saw in the early television set days when we had curved displays? Actually, we won’t be. The difference is

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Microsoft SQL 2016 New Features

Microsoft SQL 2016 is just around the corner—or rather, it is in a landing pattern, since many of its new features were born in the cloud and are now making their way to companies’ on-premises data centers and networks around the world. Row Level Security is one of the new features in SQL 2016 that has been working in Azure for a few months already. It implements a long-awaited security functionality by filtering out data that a particular user or

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Row Level Security in Azure SQL Databases

A new feature coming with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is already available in Azure SQL Database: row level permission. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard this question in the classroom: “How can I prevent people from seeing certain rows in a table?” This is a capability that has been requested by SQL database administrators for many years. Today, DBAs and developers must create code if they want to check for permissions and control a user’s row level access.

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Cloud Implementation is a One-Two Punch

Did you know that Creed, the latest release from the “Rocky Balboa” franchise offers a lesson about cloud implementation to  IT and development departments?  Stay with me.   Rocky (Silvester Stallone) writes a workout plan for his pupil Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan). Adonis pulls out his cellphone and snaps a picture of it and hands the paper back to Rocky. “Aren’t you going to keep it?” Rocky asks. “I took a picture of it” replies Adonis. “What if you break or lose your cellphone?” Rocky asks again. “It

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Technology and the Decline in Communication

Our power went out this weekend, just as I was watching Netflix on my iPad, texting my neighbor, shopping for the holidays on my laptop and getting ready to put a load of laundry in the dryer.  Out of nowhere, it wasn’t even raining that hard, my multitasking, connected afternoon went instantly dark and quiet.  We have candles, we have battery operated radios and lanterns, cabinets full of food, I would be fine.  Nature had invited me to stop for

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