Save the Date – Technology Adoption Summit

You’re invited to join us on Tuesday, December 8 for a full-day of seminar-style sessions where our best and brightest will showcase what’s new and upcoming. Topics will range from Windows 10, Office 365, SharePoint, Google Apps, along with sessions to drive strategic agility and initiate change as you choose to upgrade to these technologies. Come for one free session, or stay for all. This Summit is set up in an Open House Style. Join us at any point during this

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Scary Thought: Your Company Could Be Doomed

I know Halloween is officially over, however, if your company isn’t letting people lead from where they are, there may be too much bureaucracy, and too few agile leaders which can have a scary impact on morale, and devastate your bottom line. One of the best books I’ve ready this year is Accelerate (XLR8), by John Kotter, in it, he argues that people at any level of an organization can demonstrate agile leadership. Kotter reminds us that management is not

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Do You Have Executive Presence?

Do You Have Executive Presence? Watch Tonight’s Debate and Find Out  The first Democratic debate airs this week, and regardless of which side you’re on, there’s a lot to learn about executive presence by paying close attention to the candidates’ body language. Executive presence is a unique combination of gravitas (how you act), communication (how you speak) and appearance (how you look). And, although these characteristics are often demonstrated by what we say, they are instantly perceived by how we

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Change Management

What Our Kids Can Teach Us about Change Management For working parents like me, this time of year is all about change, transition and new beginnings. Social media is teeming with photos of cute kids holding signs celebrating the milestone of their upcoming school year. These kids are all smiles looking forward into the unknown with optimism and excitement. What can we, as leaders, learn from how the little people in our life approach change, transition, and new beginnings? Frankly,

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Rewards of Failure

We Failed. Let’s Celebrate! What words come to mind when you think of the term failure? Words like; fear, panic, shame, embarrassment come up for me. If we want to work in innovative organizations, we need to create brave teams that encourage risk taking, creativity and continuous adaptation.  And, if we’re going to welcome risk, we also need to figure out how what we’re going to do, what we’re going to learn, and how we’re going to talk about it

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