Three Brilliantly Simple Ways To Use Conditional Formatting in Outlook

The average worker sends and receives 122 emails every day. Of those, you’re tasked with managing that fire hose while simultaneously identifying “actionable” emails in a timely manner. Put Conditional Formatting to work to start visually identifying the most important ones and put a serious dent in your overflowing inbox.* To create a conditional formatting rule in Outlook. You’ll need to navigate to the View tab. From there, click the View Options button on the far left side. Click the Conditional

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SharePoint Just Radically Changed How You Connect to It (Hint: It’s got an app now)

Well it finally happened, SharePoint has a presence in the iOS App Store. It’s the first step in a huge series of changes Microsoft announced back in May to bring their team collaboration and content management software in line with the CEO Satya Nadella’s mobile and cloud first initiatives. In years past if you wanted to easily access a company’s SharePoint environment, it had to be done from a desktop or laptop machine. While Microsoft made some major inroads regarding

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Windows 10: Not Just Better Than Windows 8

Microsoft is no stranger to misguided product launches. Despite the glitz, wonder, and promise that Windows 8 provided, the world wasn’t ready to give up their start menu. With each passing review Microsoft took a beating. The market, it seemed, had spoken. That’s not to say that the whole release was a failure. On the contrary, Windows 8 became a stepping stone that has once again put Microsoft on the path to success. With Windows 10, Microsoft seems to have

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New Office 365 Plans for Small Businesses

Over a year since announcing updates to its Office 365 plans for small businesses, Microsoft is finally allowing customers to take advantage of new simplified Office 365 plans. Effective December 5th, Office 365 Essentials, Office 365 Business, and Office 365 Business Premium are now available to all new and existing small business customers. Office 365 Essentials, the most affordable of the three new plans, starts at $5 a month/$60 a year per user and provides access to email, calendar, contacts,

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Can Skype for Business compete with Cisco’s WebEx?

Communication is often one of those facets of business that gets overlooked. A situation that traditionally resolves itself only when absolutely necessary. In years past it was pretty much a given that anyone who was anyone had an office phone and a fax line. Either one expectantly maintaining its respective position as the de facto method of contact. Times are changing however, and with it the presumptive ability to simply pick up a phone or dial a fax line and

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